Announcing the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Ribbon!

Drum roll please……I know you’re all wishing to know about the IBC #ribbon. A little background: The Inflammatory Breast Cancer community has long wished for a ribbon that was unique for this subset of breast cancer.  Requests from women and men with...
An open letter to Joan Lunden

An open letter to Joan Lunden

This is an open letter from one of our friends, living with IBC. She also guest blogs for the IBC Network. Also on a side note, about 40% of women diagnosed with IBC are also triple negative. It is time to talk.   Dear Ms. Lunden, [fusion_builder_container...

Love & Gratitude Fighting IBC

We wish to share a message from a young woman fighting IBC.  She was thanking us and we in turn, want to thank you. She wrote and told us, “….something wasn’t right. When I Googled IBC I found your website and it was so informative. I also had a...

Tis the season for breast cancer games

Tis the season for silly breast cancer games…the messages tend to start like this: Ok ladies it’s that time of year again, breast cancer awareness!! So we all remember last years’ game posting wanting you to answer the question “Where do you leave your purse at...
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