Sonic & Research

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The need was clear. Research was needed. It was early fall, 2011 and I didn’t know how I was mentally going to get though another “Pinktober”. Some find comfort in the “pinkness” of October. I don’t. I am happy for the...

The Gamble

Reading the post Kate shared with us, expressing her feelings of loss, clinging to hope for others, we were honored to share this essay with our readers.  We remember just a few of our sisters who will not be here with us this Christmas.   For all the Susan’s,...
Because of Her

Because of Her

Updated January 22, 2014 -“The IBC world suffered a great loss today. Lori Grennan, the inspiration for much of our work, has passed away. Peace to her family and all who loved her. We will continue on, in her honor, educating and funding IBC research.”Hope...


On September 09, 2013 someone wrote me and commented on how hard it must’ve been for me when Lori died since she and I were so close. [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes”...
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