2nd Annual Hunt For Hope® Raises $42,000


A Westerville native is fighting breast cancer while also fighting to raise money for research. Lori Grennan said that while she knows the money raised at Hunt for Hope® will not save her life, she hopes it may someday save her daughter.

“All I can do is live day to day. I love my life. I love my family. I love my children.  That’s how I take life. I actually feel very blessed at times because I could get hit by a car tomorrow and not know what I know. I’ve had a great three years of just being able to do what I want,” Grennan said.

Grennan, a doctor who practiced family medicine, was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) at 32 years old, in 2009. Grennan’s second child, daughter Nora, was just 6 months old at the time.

Grennan said IBC is a rare form of breast cancer that typically strikes younger women and has a much lower survival rate than other forms of breast cancer.

Hunt for Hope® was started by Grennan’s friend in her honor last year. It was held Sunday at Orange Park in Delaware County. Last year, the event raised $32,000. This year, the scavenger hunt event raised $42,000. Grennan said all money raised goes to IBC research.

Lori’s husband Kevin said that he is amazed by his wife’s courage in the face of an illness that has greatly impacted her.

“She goes through a lot of suffering, a lot of pain. I watch her put the pain behind her and do all kinds of things for other people like for this charity,” Kevin said.

Lori said that while the money raised will not save her own life, she hopes it will help others down the line.

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