The IBC Network Foundation funds $100,000 worth of research at the MD Anderson Morgan Welch Clinic

Today we were honored to donate  $100,000 to the MD Anderson Morgan Welch Clinic which was raised by the Carter Lee family in their biennial Hunt for Hope®. Through this grassroots family-friendly scavenger hunt, $100,000 was raised and will be used to fund translational and clinical research exclusively on IBC. The major part of the funding will be used to understand the inflammasome pathway and perform preclinical studies towards targeting this in IBC. This work will be under the direction of Jason Lee The remainder will be used by Dr. Lucci to supplement his work to develop better liquid biopsy methods to increase the effectiveness of monitoring treatment in IBC. Liquid biopsies include circulating tumor cells, circulating DNA, exosomes and other ways that cells communicate. Follow the MD Anderson Morgan Welch Inflammatory Breast Cancer Program on Facebook for updates.

We are extremely grateful for the continued efforts of the Carter Lee family to raising money for IBC research.


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