IBC Public Service Announcement

Have you heard it?  Our first public service announcement! Click and listen, then ask your local radio station if they will plan our announcement this October. IBC Public Service Announcement 1 If you wish to email your local radio stations to see if they would play...

My Wish

] Engrossed in an article I was writing, I looked up and said “What?” My daughter, Veronica, was standing there, laughing and repeating what I missed, rushing to speak, “1,2,3,4 make a wish! . . . 1,2,3,4 make a wish! Oh you missed it. You are supposed to make a wish...
Beyond the Shock of Breast Cancer (Video)

Beyond the Shock of Breast Cancer (Video)

The IBC Network Foundation would like to thank Beyond The Shock for allowing us to share their videos on breast cancer. They created them a “primer” about breast cancer. Since there are so many nuances about breast cancer and different types that it would be...

“Just Go Get Some Itching Cream ”

“Just go get some itching cream ” stated the nurse as she headed for the door. The patient sits there, stunned, thinking “Now what?” What you just read is a conversation relayed to me on regular basis by women trying to sound calm after placing a call to The IBC...
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