Facebook and other social media

Facebook and other social media

We love facebook and other social media but today this happened.  For over 30 minutes fb was down.  This is an important example of why we need interested parties to sign up for our newsletter with your contact info.  What if fb just went away one day?   We know all...

How you can help us!

Are you a To-Do List person?  Personally I am more of a “long term goal, how in the heck do I get there” person.  We are growing and we need help, so I have compiled a “To Do List” of some simple but important tasks to help us hit some of the goals for The IBC Network...

For our Sisters in the US

 INFLAMMATORY BREAST CANCER – SUPPORT AND NETWORKING – a chance to get to know one another better… to share and discuss in a safe environment. This group is a support with Inflammatory Breast Cancer are welcome. Its membership is limited to people...

For our UK Sisters diagnosed with IBC

A friends and family group! With the focus on the women fighting IBC, we also need to give support, friendship and resources to the daughters/sisters/moms of those impacted by IBC. This is a place for sharing hope, giving courage and understand grief. This group is...
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