Have you heard it?  Our first public service announcement!

Click and listen, then ask your local radio station if they will plan our announcement this October.

IBC Public Service Announcement 1

If you wish to email your local radio stations to see if they would play our PSA, we have included a sample letter below.  It is important we are all saying the same thing the same way to have the best impact.  If you wish to adjust the text a little to add some info about your story, please do, but I do recommend  you make it as short as possible, only a line or two.  If very hard to get someone to read anything more than just bullet points.

Also if you copy your requests to me   te***@th***********.org      we will use that information to build a data base.

Thank you,

sample text,

I am writing on behalf of The IBC Network Foundation, a 501c3 charitable foundation. We are requesting  for  your station to play a PSA for Inflammatory Breast Cancer education.

Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare but most fatal form of breast cancer. While it accounts for 2-6% of all breast cancers, the 5-year overall survival rate is 30%, as compared to near 90% for all other types of breast cancer combined. Since IBC cannot be detected until stage III, we urgently need more research for this extremely aggressive breast cancer.

Since IBC does not present with a lump, it is difficult for women to realize they have it, and because the medical industry is still learning about it, many doctors misdiagnose it. The IBC Network is committed to educating women about the signs of IBC so that they can get the help they need as early as possible. While it has been diagnosed in women of varying ages, it tends to target young women, many years prior to even suggested mammogram screening age.

The word “rare” can offer a misguided comfort of “never”, but rare does not mean never.  (add a few lines here of why this is important to you.)

With your help, we can continue providing not just hope, but awareness, medical attention, and, one day, a cure.

I thank you for your consideration and appreciate your support.  To contact The IBC Network see theibcnetwork.org or email te***@th***********.org

Thank you,



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