Age Diagnosed with IBC: 27
Year of Diagnosis: 2015
Current Status: NED/Remission

I was diagnosed 5 weeks after giving birth to my daughter. My cancer presented itself 3 weeks prior to delivery. I had what looked like two bug bites on my left breast that hurt very bad and never got better. My breast started to become hard and then discoloration. After delivery I was on oral antibiotics and then IV antibiotics for Mastitis. When there was no change a scan and biopsy of lymph node and punch hole biopsy was done. I was diagnosed on Monday the 2nd, had port put in the same day and started Chemo less than 24 hours later. 18 treatments and 35 rounds of radiation.

Share how you got through treatment: I pushed through knowing I wanted to watch my daughter grow up. My husband and I were just starting life and this was not my ending. With the help of my family and friends I was able to go to my treatments and take care of my beautiful baby girl.

Advice for those with IBC: My advice for my IBC sisters is to never give up hope. Today marks 7 years remission and that itself is hope for me, hope that I will watch my daughter graduate school. Also laughter, it’s hard to see the light during such a dark time but attitude was everything for me. I always went in with a smile and trying to make someone laugh.

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