The IBC map is a personal project of Terry Arnold.  I started this map as a visual aid to show “rare does not mean never.”  This map has gotten the attention of media but also researchers and has been used as a reference in published papers on the need to launch more studies.

If you have been diagnosed with IBC and are interested in the being on the map, please complete the form at https://theibcnetwork.org/map-database-questionnaire/.   Just as an fyi, I will not add anyone without their permission and none of the information supporting the map is ever shared. I hope you will help me by allowing yourself to added to this visual aide, which is now fueling more research study.

Usage in research:
Dr. Paul Levine of George Washington University launched a study of area clusters and his paper was presented at the Third International IBC Research Conference  December 2012.
The map was listed as a resource by Dr. Kenneth van Golen of the University of Delaware in his presentation at the 4th International IBC conference in Belgium held May 2014.
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