I want to share an educational opportunity. There is an international IBC consortium that meets every other year. This year the conference is to be hosted by MD Anderson in Houston, Texas in early December, just prior to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, (SABCS). This international conference does allow for patients/advocates to attend. The conference is heavily focused on inflammatory breast cancer with also late stage breast cancer presentations. This conference is made up of the IBC thought leaders from around the world.

Also yearly the SABCS is held the first full week in December in San Antonio. It is the single largest medical event focused on Breast Cancer research. The focus there is breast cancer, and there are no presentations from the main sessions on IBC. There is a great deal of IBC research ideas that will be presented this year in the poster sessions.

I am on the committee for the event at MD Anderson, as the IBC Network Foundation is the only non pharmaceutical sponsor. Also normally, we have a booth at SABCS but due to the two meetings being back to back, we will pass on the booth, (and that is killing me, as we are the only IBC charity with a booth yearly) but it seems like a wise decision) but we will be in attendance of both conferences.

I am sharing this as it is something that if you are science minded that might interest you. BUT I NEED TO CAUTION, this is all very heavy science, not written for patients but for researchers, so you will hear or see things, sometime hard to hear or see, but still very powerful and gives us a seat at the table.

You can attend the Houston meeting by following this link, and pay the discounted price of $20 for in person, or $50 for virtual registration. For SABCS, you can attend virtual or in person, but if it person, it helps to be connected to a charity, and I can help you with that if interested.

IBC is not represented from the main sessions (all general bc) but where it gets interesting for us, is in the poster sessions. I hear this year there will be many IBC research posters represented and I am looking forward to those presentations. Also for our IBC Learning Academy graduates, this will be a wonderful opportunity to network with researchers.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I have had to lobby really hard to get IBC in the mix at SABCS and I am excited to see the progress.

Hope Always


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