UPDATE: September 20, 2022

This project was inspired by Sherly Mesloh. Her goal was to use the art of quilting to share the stories of women to foster conversation about inflammatory breast cancer.

We are happy to say our quilts will once again be on display at The Wooden Spool in Sealy, TX throughout the month of October, starting on the 4th. The store hours are 12:30 to 5:30pm, Monday through Saturday. The store is located at 219 Fowlkes St., Sealy, TX 77474. Please stop by to view and thank Jennifer for her support!


ORIGINAL ARTICLE: August 6, 2015

Inspired by my sweet friend Sheryl Mesloh.

I have a idea, no, a plan. A plan to have 50 quilts done, one from each state in the United States, to help encourage women do what women do best, to talk to each other and share information, support and education about inflammatory breast cancer.

The idea is to have 50 quilts, to blanket the United States, by the deadline of October 2015. We don’t have to wait to the deadline. We can receive quits from lap to bedspread size, as they are completed by the maker. We could even accept more that one per state!

Quilting is an art form, so they rules are there are no rules! ( well, just one rule, only completed quilts please) 🙂

Let us know you are doing a quilt to be a part of our project. Post photos as you go, or surprise us! We will select quilts for display and we will find an appropriate places in each state to display and possibly raffle or auction them off. All funding collected will be applied to inflammatory breast cancer research via The IBC Network Foundation.

This will be a combination of physical and online events, and again the deadline is October 2015 for our final goal of coverage of 50 states.

We can’t wait to hear the first quilt is completed! We wonder? What state will it be from? 🙂

Don’t live in the US and want to be involved? Just follow us on facebook and we will expand as we see support!

Hope Always, Terry Arnold

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