Updates on Advanced Breast Cancer:
Local Management and Other New Perspectives

On May 18 2019 Dr. Bora Lim of MD Anderson hosted a one day course STUDY on advance breast cancer.  “Updates on Advanced Breast Cancer; Local Management and other New Perspectives CME Conference” There were 14 presentations and 7 of them were specific to Inflammatory Breast Cancer, (IBC).  The IBC Network Foundation was one of the sponsors of this event. This level of information is not commonly available, so post the conference we have arranged for this information to be available to all interested parties.   This course is offered via an open enrollment. Students can self-enroll in the course by signing at https://study.mdanderson.org/enroll/KJCMLW.  Or by going to: https://study.mdanderson.org/register and using the following join code: KJCMLW

We hope the sharing of the information from some of the leading IBC experts will only be of benefit to all interested in treatment and improvement of quality care to all affected by inflammatory breast cancer.

You can also download the brochure HERE.

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