Video Transcription:

“Hello. I normally get up really early and get to work about things with the IBC Network. But this morning I overslept and I haven’t even made it out of my bedroom yet, but I’ve been busy all morning hearing from people that are having issues about their standard of care. One of the things that’s on my mind very much today is a lady who was texting me who had a very unusual recurrence and they told her you’re stage four, you’re incurable there’s no point. Well, she came down to Texas to be seen at MD Anderson because they have a specialty clinic. And they said, yes, this is very serious, but there are options available to you, which is good news. Although, again, I’m stating it’s very serious, but there are opportunities to try care. She went back up north and talked to them and they told her, yes, those opportunities were there, but they saw no reason to present them to her because she was labeled incurable. And here’s where it makes me mad. The insurance matrix would not approve it, but somehow the insurance matrix did approve it at MD Anderson.


“I know we need a lot of reform and I’m not trying to throw a shade at this hospital that’s up north. Down here they’re an excellent place, but here’s the deal, if you’re being told no there are no more options for you, make sure that you’re at a specialty care place. Try to make those phone calls, try to make those visits. I know there’s a lot of hurdles to travel for care, but nonetheless, it matters. And one of the things that we’re working on at the IBC Network is how to bring those standards everywhere more globally so people don’t have to leave their community to get what they need. But in the meantime, get those second opinions, ask those questions. If you don’t like the answers you’re hearing, please keep asking. Or if you want, contact me, I’ll try to help you. Hope always.”


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