Ever wonder why you don’t see our posts in your newsfeed? It’s because you probably haven’t clicked like or commented on one of our posts in a while. When that happens the social media platform thinks you are not interested in what we post. Eventually our posts won’t show at all in your newsfeed.  It is important for us to have a strong presence on social media so that we can continue to educate and engage with our supporters. 

You can help!

You can play a crucial role in supporting The IBC Network Foundation by helping to expand education by spreading the word and driving engagement. Here are some ways you can support us on social media and continue to see our posts in your newsfeed.

  1. Share and amplify content: You can share posts, images, videos, and stories from our social media pages to your own social media profiles, thereby increasing the reach of our content. By sharing content, you can help raise knowledge about the charity’s mission, campaigns, events, and initiatives, and encourage others to get involved.
  2. Engage with content: Followers can like, comment, and share our posts to increase engagement. This helps our content to gain more visibility in the social media algorithm, making it more likely to show up in the feeds of other users. Encouraging followers to leave comments, ask questions, and share their thoughts can also spark conversations about our cause and generate more interest and engagement.
  3. Participate in campaigns and events: When we run social campaigns and events to raise funds, increase education, or support, you can actively participate in these campaigns by sharing campaign-related posts, using campaign hashtags, and spreading the word among your own followers. You can also participate in virtual events, such as online fundraisers and Zoom calls, and share your participation on social media to inspire others to join in.
  4. Donate and fundraise: You can contribute to us by making direct donations or setting up fundraisers, like a Hunt for Hope, attending events like the annual Yellow Rose Boot Scoot. We have fundraising tools that will help you raise funds and encourage others to donate as well. Sharing your donation or fundraising efforts on social media can also inspire others to contribute and support the charity.
  5. Tag and mention the charity: Tag or mention our social media accounts in your posts, stories, or comments. We will be notified, and it increases the chances of us re-sharing or engaging with your content. It also helps to build a relationship between you and The IBC Network Foundation and creates opportunities for further collaboration or engagement.
  6. Provide testimonials or stories: If you have personally benefited from our work, you can share a testimonial, story, or experience on social media. These authentic stories can help to humanize our impact and create emotional connections with other users, encouraging them to get involved or support the cause.
  7. Advocate and educate: You can use your social media platforms as a voice for the charity’s cause by advocating for it and sharing educational content. You can also use your social media influence to advocate for policy changes.

By actively engaging with and supporting our page on social media, you can help expand education, drive engagement, and contribute to our cause. Your effort can help us to reach a wider audience, generate more support, and make a greater impact on inflammatory breast cancer.

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