Seattle Cancer Care Alliance –  Dr. Julie Gralow

Seattle Cancer CareOn April 19, 2018, Terry Arnold was allowed to address the monthly meeting of breast oncologist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. We are overwhelmingly pleased that this was filmed as well as audio recorded so we can share this with you. This is the talk in Seattle with Dr. Julie Gralow, Dr. ShavetaVinayak and Terry Lynn Arnold. The first part is the science, beautifully presented by Dr. Vinayak. The patient perspective by Terry starts at marker 23:23. Dr. Vinayak did a great job with her presentation. You can watch and listen in full screen or if you go to a smaller screen you can view the sliders, which is really helpful for the medical portion. Thank you all who helped put this together.

The tweet chat referred to in the Q & A section will be held May 14, 2018 at 8 pm CST #bcsm.

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