Love it or hate it…it is October!

Love it?

 If  you love it, make the most of it!

Tell everyone who will listen because we do have their attention for the next 30 days.

Tell them about Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Tell them why Inflammatory is different.

Need some talking points to help educate?

We have solid information in our app, and also great talking points in our 31 Days of October campaign.

Hate it?

Find October to be difficult?

If  you get one more cancer game on facebook or in your email you will scream?

Please look over several article we have written addressing cancer games.

Also we have some myth busters as well and if nothing else,

just remember November is coming!

Want to use social media (ie facebook) to share?

Simply upload these facebook covers to your pages.

October is here, so what every way you deal with the pinking of America,

education and Hope Always

is the message we will share!

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