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Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare but aggressive form of breast cancer. Although it accounts for 2-6% of all breast cancers, the 5-year overall survival rate is only 40% while the 5-year overall survival rate for all types of breast cancer combined is nearly 90%. Because of the difficulty in diagnosing this cancer, the key to survival is early and accurate diagnosis and referral to health care providers that specialize in inflammatory breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer can present in a number of ways, and each patient’s symptoms are unique. Faculty members at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center founded the first clinic in the world solely dedicated to studying and treating this disease. In this series of lectures, the founders of The Morgan Welch Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Program and Clinic at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center present introductory lectures on clinical diagnosis, multidisciplinary treatment, and biological features of this fast-growing, elusive, and often deadly type of breast cancer.

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