Bo Smith gives birth

‘I can’t begin to explain how this feels to breastfeed my son, after losing one breast to cancer, and being told I may not ever have this sweet boy in my arms.’Every now and then we get to share happy news with our readers and this is one of those times; IBC survivor and advocate Bo Smith has recently given birth to a happy and healthy baby boy!

The short version of her story:

At the age of young age of 29, Bo Smith of Sugar Land, Texas was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in 2015 and given only a 40% chance of living five years.  She had been engaged just one month and was starting to plan her wedding and their future together. Bo underwent chemotherapy treatment before having a mastectomy of her left breast. She opted to keep the right breast in hopes that she may one day have a chance to breastfeed future children. Although undergoing radiotherapy and having it drastically affect her fertility, she was eventually able to conceive. Bo found out she was pregnant just before Christmas last year and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in August 2018. Read her Story of Hope here.

She shared the story on Facebook saying: “Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you”

Her Facebook post has now been shared over 5000 times. Bo’s story goes deeper in an article written in her own words at lovewhatmatters.com. You can’t helped but be moved by her journey from diagnosis to birth of her baby. Be sure you checkout and LIKE her page on Facebook too.

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