Update May 31, 2017! The votes are in!  See this link for details!  The IBC community has long wished for a ribbon that was unique for this subset of cancer.  Inspired by requests of IBC sisters and in addition to Stage 4 Cancer movements bringing attention to late stage cancer, we feel the time is now to create a ribbon unique to us.   An IBC sister, Tess Skaggs, photographer and graphic artist, has offered a series of designs for consideration.

These four designs reflect by the color choices, reflect IBC.  The use of pink, as IBC is a form of breast cancer, a well-established color in the cancer world.  However, the use of orange/salmon reflects the unique skin presentation, of the orange peal type skin, skin thickening, or other changes not thought of with breast cancer. The use of black is incorporated into the ribbon to reflect that this is an aggressive disease, and to remember sisters who fought before us.  The ribbon is to be one of hope and solidarity and will be made available for sisters to share as they tell the world about Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Please cast your vote by using the form below.  No special login account is needed to vote.


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