When the IBC Network Foundation first formed in 2011, we wanted to create a very proactive charity to elevate Inflammatory Breast Cancer into the larger breast cancer conversation but to also have a place of stronger consideration in the research funding world.  Of course there had been IBC research prior to 2001 but impactful funding was hard to secure, and researchers were not receiving the financial support needed.  The first grant we issued was in result of an invitation to MD Anderson to submit a project.  We started at MD Anderson because they had opened the first dedicated IBC research program in 2006.  Basically, we have operated the same way since, inviting known IBC/TNBC researchers from Vanderbilt, Dana Farber and University of Delaware and more to submit their most exciting projects to be considered for funding.  In the last five years, we have seen a growing interest in IBC research.  Now instead of only one clinic devoted to IBC research, more have been formed or are being formed.

In November of 2017, we crossed a major milestone of one million dollars into research funding.  We wish to celebrate this achievement and also encourage researchers by offering our first request for applications (RFA). We hope to receive competitive proposals both from established IBC researchers and others with novel ideas that might apply to IBC.

Our process is simple.  Please see the link below, share with interested parties and good luck!

Application: IBC Network Request for Applications

Budget: IBC Network RFA Budget Template (1)

Questions?  Please contact: Grants@theibnetwork.org

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