I have shared many times, eight actually about my joy over getting to have a bonus birthday post my triple negative inflammatory breast cancer diagnosed. I have shared my joy, my deeply heartfelt thoughts about the gift of one more birthday candle on my cake. I do not take this time for granted and cherish it. Since my diagnosed I have devoted my time, full time, to helping women with this disease get support and proper care. That process lead to starting a charity and funding research.

So as my next birthday is approaching soon, May 12th, I am making plans to celebrate! I hope you will join me. My husband asked what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted to go play BINGO.

He laughed and thought I was kidding.

Nope, I want to do it.

For years I have heard of a hall that is supposed to be a blast. So if you are in the area, join me. http://lodge88.org/Bingo.html Note it fills up early, ($7 a pitcher of beer and byob) might be why! If you can’t join me, please grant me a birthday wish. In honor of my Bonus Bingo Birthday, (say that 3 times fast!), go on the IBC Network Foundation website and donate. We can even use the BINGO theme!


B – Donate one billon dollars, just kidding, I would faint.

I – Be inspired to tell someone about our work and ask them to donate.

N – Name someone you wish to honor in a donation, or write us about them. We love to hear your stories.

G – Give to us. Donate, volunteer, pray for us, but make the IBC Network Foundation be your charity of choice.

O – Offer thanks with us, even when it is hard, because one day, we will win against this disease.

All my love to you, with a heart so full.


Hope always,

Terry Lynn Arnold


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