Age of diagnosis

Year diagnosed

Brief story
I was ER Positive and with surgery found to have nine (9) of twelve (12) lymph nodes fully engaged with the spread of cancer, staging me at 3b. Treatment included chemotherapy for six
months, followed by five days of daily radiation for six weeks. I was pronounced NED -No
Evidence of Disease, 15 years ago at the end of January 2000.

With a severe 3rd degree radiation burn to my chest, I suffered the most discomfort of the entire
treatment. Keeping as positive as possible and relying on my spiritual strength, I was able to
keep my focus on survival, knowing that the pain and suffering I endured would take me to the
desired outcome. I imagined my life and how I would continue to live after treatment was over.

Death was not my focus!

Reading reviews online about IBC left me very depressed during the initial phase of the journey.
I was devastated when I read what the five-year survival rate was; only 16% back then. Shortly after reading the depressing article I decided that I would be a part of the 16% who survived five years. Well, sixteen years later, I am still here and not only surviving, but THRIVING!

how I got through treatment
Learning to embrace my new normal and reaching out to help others have been very helpful to me. I volunteer as a Road to Recovery driver for the American Cancer Society and speak at Health Fairs, Women’s Conferences, and every occasion I find to share information about IBC. In addition, working with youth in my church in a Bible Quiz Ministry helps round out a very full and satisfying life after cancer for me.

Current Status

– Release all bitterness, anger and things unforgiven, allowing yourself to heal
– Find something each day to be grateful for
– Keep Faith and Hope alive

Other Information
– Evelyn is a contributor to Pink Prayer Book, now available at and – “Yes, I Can Make a Difference” by Evelyn Stafford Daniels, an article published in the Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, Fall/2008 edition. It can be viewed online at the site listed below. See pages 49-51.

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