(From lt to rt) Dr. Maggie Gatti-Mays, Dr. Dione Quiroga, Dr. Nicole Williams, Terry Arnold, Carol Mikel, Dr. Ashley Pariser, Dr. Daniel Stover

It’s official! Ohio State has announced their inflammatory breast cancer program. We are glad to say our Ohio donors played a huge role in making this happen.

As you know this is one of only a few programs in the nation that are focused solely on the special needs of IBC patients in a collaborative, multidisciplinary setting. The IBC team includes medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, along with radiologists, genetic counselors and other experts in the study and treatment of IBC who are dedicated to improving the outcomes of patients with this disease.

While we were attending the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium we got a change to sit down for a few minutes with the oncologist team to make some plans and thank them.

With your donations we will keep working until we have more of these specialized facilities. Donate at https://theibcnetwork.org/donate.

Contact information:
The James-The Ohio State University https://cancer.osu.edu/

IBC page: https://cancer.osu.edu/for-patients-and-caregivers/learn-about-cancers-and-treatments/cancers-conditions-and-treatment/cancer-types/breast-cancer/types-of-breast-cancer/inflammatory-breast-cancer

Phone: 1.800.293.5066

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