An open letter to Joan Lunden

An open letter to Joan Lunden

This is an open letter from one of our friends, living with IBC. She also guest blogs for the IBC Network. Also on a side note, about 40% of women diagnosed with IBC are also triple negative. It is time to talk.   Dear Ms. Lunden, I was thrilled to see your cover...

Holly-Celebrating Life & Love

Diagnosed on September 27, 2007 at the young age of 34, I thought life, as I knew it, would be over forever. Little did I know, I was absolutely correct, but in the end all would work out for the better and life would be better than I ever thought possible! Yes, there...

The Power of One

If you are new to the IBC Network, you might not be familiar with Lori Grennan, a young physician and mother of two, diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer a few years ago.  If you have been with us for awhile, you will know her name and understand what an...
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