I am so happy I was able to walk in Dana’s Farber’s Jimmy Walk to raise funds for Team IBC. They are still accepting donations until the end of the month. On the Team IBC page it says 100% of funds raised through Team IBC will support IBC research. Read below to see what I shared on walk day.


Today I walk because I’d love to see a world without cancer.

Today I walk for research which is the only way to find an end to cancer.

Today I walk for my “sisters” I lost – 2 to IBC just this past year – Lucy and Erin, for my HS friend Kelly Kimball, and my cousin-in-law Stacy who had IBC in 2007 – all who died because of metastatic breast cancer.

Today I walk because one in 8 women will face breast cancer in their lifetime and with IBC there is no early discovery. It’s stage 3 or 4 at the beginning, despite getting mammograms.

Today I walk for IBC which is very rare (1-4%) but very real, and disproportionately represents 10% of all breast cancer deaths.

Today I walk for all the IBC women who have faced harsh chemo and radiation, the toughest mastectomy, and other surgeries in this fight.

Today I walk for all women, including far too many friends, who have been diagnosed with this horrible disease.

Today I walk for my family because unless research discovers a cure, my girls will lose their Mom far too early.

Today I walk because when your doctor tells you that people in this situation (brain metastasis) sometimes do not live six months, you want to do all you can to beat the odds and invest in research to eliminate cancer.

I am so happy I exceeded my fundraising goal of $3,000 and am so grateful for everyone who contributed. Truly grateful! Thank you for sharing a goal with me and for investing in research to find a cure.

If you haven’t donated, please consider giving even $5 to research to help find a cure. Research is the only way we will ever see an end to cancer. There’s a link below and donations are accepted until the end of the month.

Thank you! 😊

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