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Terry Arnold’s interview with KWHI 1280 about inflammatory breast cancer, the Yellow Rose Boot Scoot and the importance of research.

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Terry Lynn Arnold is founder of the IBC Network Foundation. Angela Alexander, PhD, is clinical studies coordinator for the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Program at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

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When Support Groups Make You Feel Worse

Support groups are meant to offer the insight of others who “get it,” but for some people, they can be terrifying—or depressing.

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2017 Cancer Commons Article

Terry Arnold Starts an All-Volunteer Charity to Improve Treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Terry Arnold has always identified as an advocate. “It’s my way,” she says. When she was younger, she helped establish the first rape crisis program in Fort Bend County, Texas. She is also a founding member of a center that works on missing children’s cases, often partnering with FBI task forces.

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2017 Voyage Houston Article

Meet Terry Arnold of The IBC Network Foundation

Today we’d like to introduce you to Terry Arnold.

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2017 Frontstream Article

Success Story: IBC Network Foundation

Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer in which cancer cells block lymph vessels in the skin of the breast, accounts for 1 to 5 percent of all breast cancers diagnosed in the United States, and it often progresses in a matter of weeks or months. Given that it’s not commonly seen in a mammogram, research into how IBC occurs and what can be done to stop it is crucial.

cancer commons with terry arnold

Medical Daily Article

Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Rare, But Lethal and Underfunded

Meet Terry Arnold. In 2007, at 49 years old, her right breast became red, hot, and swelled from a C cup to a D. Shuffled around from specialist to specialist, Arnold was given various diagnoses by well-meaning but confused doctors. 

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USA Today

Inflammatory breast cancers rare but often lethal

No one knew what to make of Terry Arnold’s right breast.

By the time she was age 49, the breast suddenly became red, hot and swollen. “I thought something bit me,” says Arnold, of Friendswood, Texas. Her doctor, diagnosing her with a pituitary gland infection, prescribed eight weeks of antibiotics.


terry arnold cancerwise article

MD Anderson/Cancerwise article

Why I waited 10 years to have breast reconstruction

Maybe I’m a late bloomer. After being diagnosed with triple-negative inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) in August 2007, I had a double mastectomy at MD Anderson. But I didn’t have breast reconstruction surgery until this March, almost 10 years later.

Why did I wait so long? For many reasons.

terry arnold with ricard alvarez, md

MD Anderson/Cancerwise

Triple-negative inflammatory breast cancer treatment: My journey

I used to wonder if doctors at large hospitals like MD Anderson remembered their patients. Did they ever look up from the charts, tests and body exams to see the face of the person they were treating?

terry arnold

MD Anderson/Cancerwise

Driven to make a difference

Triple-negative breast cancer survivor helps others celebrate life’s priceless moments

in 2007, after a desperate, four-month search for a diagnosis, Terry Arnold received the news. Her doctor had discovered not one, but two of the most deadly and aggressive forms of breast cancer: triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) in both breasts and inflammatory breast cancer in her right breast. 


MD Anderson/Cancerwise

Can-do spirit drives campaign to fight

Although I had an outstanding response to treatment and was living NED (no evidence of disease), I couldn’t celebrate. I was seeing so many women, my TN IBC sisters, some the age of my daughters, struggling to live. I cared about them, and I couldn’t forget them.


It stands to reason that breastfeeding would aid in the good health of that child, as well as the mother. However it is not a magical cloak of protection from a disease that is viewed as seriously as IBC.

Debra Duncan with Terry Arnold and friend Staci on Great Day Houston.

Debra Duncan, Terry Arnold and Staci

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