Age Diagnosed With IBC: 34

Year of Diagnosis: 2022

Current Status: NED

Brief Story: In July 2022, I discovered a lump that seemed like it came out of nowhere. I scheduled a routine checkup with my ob/gyn in a couple weeks not thinking it would be anything serious. By the time my appt came, the IBC symptoms were showing through as well. After many tests and scans, I was diagnosed with IDC and IBC stage lllB. Chemo, surgery, and radiation gave me the ability to be NED today! It was a scary time of unknown and reading about how rare IBC is and the survival rates that came with that, I kept my faith strong and my thoughts positive. I’m here to show you the survival side!

Share How You Got Through Treatment: My ability to keep my life as normal (for me) as possible. I have two small children which I was still able to take to school and go to class parties as well as work my normal schedule as a hairstylist. I changed my diet and fasted before chemo and I am so extremely thankful I didn’t catch one cold while in active treatment! I don’t take that for granted how fortunate that truly was.

Advice For Those With IBC: It’s scary to go on Google and start searching information about IBC but I reminded myself that since it’s rare, the numbers aren’t in large quantities, and it changes year to year. You can absolutely beat this!

Anything Else You Would Like Us To Know?: There is such a great community of women out there for support wherever you are! We unfortunately are connected by a terrible disease but having that support really helped me when I found my thoughts in dark places knowing I’m not alone!

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