Thanksgiving letter 2018

Thanksgiving letter 2018

I am writing to thank all of you who have been supportive of the IBC Network Foundation since it started down the path of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) advocacy. We have come a long way in just a few years.  In our early days, it was hard not to be discouraged. I...

Announcing the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Ribbon!

Drum roll please……I know you’re all wishing to know about the IBC #ribbon. A little background: The Inflammatory Breast Cancer community has long wished for a ribbon that was unique for this subset of breast cancer.  Requests from women and men with...

For our Sisters in the US

 INFLAMMATORY BREAST CANCER – SUPPORT AND NETWORKING – a chance to get to know one another better… to share and discuss in a safe environment. This group is a support with Inflammatory Breast Cancer are welcome. Its membership is limited to people...

For our UK Sisters diagnosed with IBC

A friends and family group! With the focus on the women fighting IBC, we also need to give support, friendship and resources to the daughters/sisters/moms of those impacted by IBC. This is a place for sharing hope, giving courage and understand grief. This group is...
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