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Terry’s Story

Terry’s Story

I was diagnosed with TN IBC in my right breast in August of 2007 after months of misdiagnosis. As if an IBC triple negative diagnosis was not enough of a blow, I discovered my left breast had triple negative breast cancer as well. My cancer story started with “Mrs....

Marilyn’s Story

Marilyn’s Story

Ten years ago I Googled breast cancer on my laptop. I had noticed my left breast had become larger than my right breast for some time, but over the last few weeks it had grown noticeably. In addition, It felt warm to the touch and there were little ridges appearing...



March 19th marks the beginning of my tenth year since I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, a rare aggressive form of breast cancer. I had no family history, no risk factors and remember that day like it was yesterday. My Oncologist said, "If we get the...

PROMISE magazine is talking about The IBC Network Foundation!

BTW....did you see? MD Anderson gave our charity a huge honor by featuring our work in their PROMISE magazine. Not a honor given lightly. Promise is published three times a year by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and is dedicated to their  friends...

Jan, celebrating 6 years, NED.

Today I am celebrating my 6 year cancer anniversary—a survivor of Stage IIIb, HER2+ Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I give credit for my survival to the miracle drug, Herceptin, and early detection—as early can be with IBC.  Amazingly, only one node was positive! Since...

Hope & Thanks

We wanted to share this wonderful message from Lynn about her mom.  Messages like this are some of the reason I can say Hope Always, Terry IBC Network -When my mom was given the stage 3 possible 4 HER2postive IBC news in 2011.  I was scared. Research I found was bleak...

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