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Sue’s Story of Hope

Sue’s Story of Hope

Sharing some hope from our friend Sue, who by the way didn't have the best response to treatment.  She is one of the reasons we can say "Hope Always". This is how I kicked off my 13th year of survival. I was diagnosed a day after my birthday. I call it my rebirth...

Moms, babes and hope

Moms, babes and hope

Moms, babes and hope We are grateful Kelly was willing to share her story with us... Four months into my pregnancy I started to notice changes in the skin of my breast. I initially thought this was just normal hormonal pregnancy changes. As the next few months passed...

Christin’s story

Hi there, I’m Christin! I’m honored to write a guest post for the IBC Network Foundation. In early 2015, at 34 years old, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I have twin daughters, who were not yet three, and I had given birth to my son just five...

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