At the age of 42, in 2023, Shareen received the life-altering diagnosis of Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC), here is her story:

Four weeks into a new job, I’d been having pains in my breast which I put down to perimenopause symptoms. After my right breast began to swell massively, I was convinced to go to the doctor by my husband who also noticed a dimpling in the breast while I was getting changed. 21 days later I was starting chemo for IBC. 7 months later, post 6 rounds of chemo and a radical mastectomy, I’m starting my radiotherapy with what looks to be a complete pathological recovery!

How you got through treatment? Positivity and resilience. I was 42 with two young girls and I wasn’t ready to give in to anything. I have lots of living still to do.

Advice for those with IBC: There is hope. I initially scoured for stories of people who had survived treatment and was terrified by how rare it was and the stats around success of treatment – I’m proof you can survive.

Anything else you would like us to know? Don’t underestimate the power of the positive mindset.

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