Kate Strosser

It is with sorrow we announce the passing of our dear friend, supporter, and frequent guest writer Kathleen Strosser on March 19, 2017. We loved her voice and passion for this cause.  Her writing gave understanding, hope and focus.   A few weeks ago she wrote a small...

The Stage IV Cancer Roller Coaster

Thank you to The Huffington Post for sharing our article ,The Stage IV Cancer Roller Coaster, written by Barbara J. Cornwall for this insightful post co-written by Kate Strosser. Also please comment on the article on their page. We need the HuPo to know we need more...


Pinktober Race to the cure the sign said. It had no arrows to point the way, just baby pink ribbons fluttering in the evening breeze, Promises unfulfilled and tears not shed as warriors wander in confused silence. Bands played, banners swaying in time. Walkers hurried...
CODA for OCTOBER (Pinktober)

CODA for OCTOBER (Pinktober)

One day I woke up sick and found out I would never get better. It seemed surreal to be told I was dying when I felt so very alive. I needed to “fight” but no one could tell me what that would mean beyond initial treatments. Very active and in generally good health, I...
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