The Gamble

Reading the post Kate shared with us, expressing her feelings of loss, clinging to hope for others, we were honored to share this essay with our readers.  We remember just a few of our sisters who will not be here with us this Christmas.   For all the Susan’s,...

October….love it or hate it…it is here!

Love it or hate it…it is October! Love it?  If  you love it, make the most of it! Tell everyone who will listen because we do have their attention for the next 30 days. Tell them about Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Tell them why Inflammatory is different. Need...

How you can help us!

Are you a To-Do List person?  Personally I am more of a “long term goal, how in the heck do I get there” person.  We are growing and we need help, so I have compiled a “To Do List” of some simple but important tasks to help us hit some of the goals for The IBC Network...
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