The Perception of Awareness

A facebook post so raw and real, we had to share.  Thank you Stephanie.    So Pinktober is about to begin. I’ve been getting my inbox flooded with bras, purses, and other boobie nomenclature games. This is going to be a long post… I’m going to...


Pinktober Race to the cure the sign said. It had no arrows to point the way, just baby pink ribbons fluttering in the evening breeze, Promises unfulfilled and tears not shed as warriors wander in confused silence. Bands played, banners swaying in time. Walkers hurried...

The Gamble

Reading the post Kate shared with us, expressing her feelings of loss, clinging to hope for others, we were honored to share this essay with our readers.  We remember just a few of our sisters who will not be here with us this Christmas.   For all the Susan’s,...
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