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From: Amy

22 years ago on January 2, 2002, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIb Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I was 37 years old, single mom, raising a 9 year old daughter. Wow…what a ride this has been. I have meet some of the most incredible people on this journey. I turn 60 in May and raising my 3 year old granddaughter and have an 8 year old grandson.  These two really keep me going and busy.  I am still NED.  Grateful and thankful for life!
Original story:

Age at diagnosis

Year diagnosed

Brief Story
I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I was ER+ and PR+. I went through 4 rounds chemo of Adriamycin and Taxotere, Surgery of mastectomy, 4 more rounds chemo of Adriamycin and Cytoxin. After chemo, I had 36 rounds of radiation.

How I got through treatment
A year later, I had the non-cancerous breast removed and a full hysterectomy with bi-lateral reconstruction of a tram-flap. When diagnosed, I had a 9 year old daughter and was a single mom. I worked for myself in commercial real estate. Treatment was difficult for me. I was sick a lot with nausea and constipation. I was home alone most of the time during the day so I did not want to eat or drink because it used energy (that I did not have).

My family and friends soon realized I was not doing well. So I had family and friends at my house frequently to check on me, drive me to doctor/hospital. But several things that got me through treatment were prayers, faith and laughter. I leaned on my faith to guide me to whatever the outcome was.

Current Status

– Ask for help!!!
– Take someone with you to doctor’s appointments…ask questions…understand why. If you don’t like what they say then ask again or tell the doctors/nurses, etc. Also, know doctors are there to give medicine and medical advice. However, there are other alternative things you can do for your health (diet, exercise, massage, acupuncture, vitamins, etc.)
– Know that you are not alone. There are others out there who would love to hear your story, help with your journey and give support.


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