UK power!

I could just cry I am so moved… Recently some of the IBC sisters in the UK got together for tea with one US based IBC survivor, (who is British).  At the tea, it was discussed how much they wish to do something for the improvement of IBC care for their sisters. ...

How you can help us!

Are you a To-Do List person?  Personally I am more of a “long term goal, how in the heck do I get there” person.  We are growing and we need help, so I have compiled a “To Do List” of some simple but important tasks to help us hit some of the goals for The IBC Network...

Jacquelyn & the Grand Reveal

Reading over Jacquelyn’s story… this line jumped out at me. “Chemotherapy for me was a baptism from the inside out, the bad had to die off so I would be reborn.” The grand reveal of Gay Pasley’s  capture of Jacquelyn’s post...
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