Terry Arnold

Terry Arnold

UPDATED 4/19/2022 I was diagnosed with IBC in my right breast in August of 2007 after months of misdiagnoses. As if an IBC triple negative diagnosis was not enough of a blow, then it was discovered my left breast had triple negative breast cancer. I was in treatment...

The Double Take – Dr. Ricardo Alvarez

I used to wonder if doctors at large hospitals like MD Anderson remembered their patients. Did they ever look up from the charts, tests, and body exams to see the face of the person they were treating? Since patients come from all over the world, it seemed like it...

A Day in the Lab with an IBC Researcher

Dr. Angela Alexander invited me to shadow her for a full day in the IBC research lab.  The following is a series of photos I took as I watched her go about her day studying IBC.  Dr. Alexander is TRIUMPH postdoctoral fellow in cancer biology.  Her work at MD Anderson ...

My Wish

Engrossed in an article I was writing, I looked up and said “What?” My daughter, Veronica, was standing there, laughing and repeating what I missed, rushing to speak, “1,2,3,4 make a wish! . . . 1,2,3,4 make a wish! Oh you missed it. You are supposed to make a wish...
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