Italian? No problem! Sept 25,2012

Taking IBC to the Streets! We love hearing from you and how you are sharing IBC education in your community. Angela lives in the US, but planned a trip home to Rome. She wrote us and asked for supplies to take with her, shirts and materials printed in Italian…...

The Other Side of the Ribbon

  On this date, five years ago, I was told “Mrs. Arnold, we are sorry but it is most likely too late.”  This came after four months of hearing “Mrs. Arnold, there is nothing seriously wrong”.  What a jump, a mind stretching leap from “not to worry”, to “oh my,...
IBC Map of the World

IBC Map of the World

The IBC map is a personal project of Terry Arnold.  I started this map as a visual aid to show “rare does not mean never.”  This map has gotten the attention of media but also researchers and has been used as a reference in published papers on the need to...
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